CATEGORY: Remediation/Refresher

RN Remediation & NCLEX Review (08/09/23)

Course Access: 90 days access
Course Overview


This course is approved by the Florida & Hawaii Boards of Nursing and also offered to RN graduates who are taking this course as a Review. Successful completion of this course will satisfy the Florida & Hawaii Board of Nursing’s requirements for applicants who have failed the NCLEX three consecutive times, applicants who do not have an active license and have not worked in 5 years and international applicants with educational deficiencies. This 10 week course reviews the following structure: Medical-Surgical, Perioperative, Maternal-Newborn, Pediatrics, Psychiatric, Pharmacology, Test taking strategies and NCLEX style Practice exams.

COURSE OBJECTIVESΒ At the end of this course the student will be able to: 1. Apply the nursing process at a beginning level of skill to interpret and manage human responses of clients to their actual or potential health problems. 2. Apply principles from applied science and interpersonal processes to nurse-client interactions. 3. Assess cultural, spiritual, and bio-psychosocial factors when arriving at nursing diagnoses and relevant interventions for individual clients. 4. Utilize evidence-based information derived from course related research findings in the application of fundamental nursing care. 5. Apply therapeutic communication and decision-making skills to involve the client in decision making regarding his/her healthcare. 6. Identify theoretical principles and critical behaviors of fundamental nursing. 7. Use critical thinking skills as a framework for clinical decision-making. 8. Demonstrate responsibility for own behavior and growth as an adult learner and a professional. 9. Demonstrate professional standards of moral, ethical, and legal conduct

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