RN Remediation

Course Description

This is a Florida Board of Nursing approved Remediation course which includes 80 hours of didactic/theory and 96 hours of clinical. This 10-week course reviews the following structure: Medical-Surgical, Pharmacology, Maternal-Newborn, Pediatrics, Psychiatric, Test taking strategies and NCLEX style Practice exams.

Clinicals are completed through virtual simulation and at the bedside in the following clinical settings: Acute care, Long term care and Community.

Course includes:


  • 40+ hours online with a live enthusiastic nurse educator who will review all 8-Client Need areas  outlined in the NCLEX-RN Test Plan (www.ncsbn.org)
  • Access to a pre & post RN NCLEX  benchmark exam
  • Access to 16,000+ NCLEX-style practice questions with in-depth rationales & remediation tools
  • Access to  patients in a live or virtual setting designed to enhance critical thinking skills
  • Access to creative resources to help simplify core content subject areas.
  • Access to a dedicated team who will  support you through the entire course and beyond


 1. Postgraduates who failed the NCLEX three consecutive times


2. Licensure Endorsement applicants: Applicants who do not hold an active license or have not practiced in the past five years.

3. Applicants who passed the NCLEX more than 5 years ago and were not issued a license.


Enrollment steps

  • Request course syllabus at Info@nurseed101.com   sign student commitment form (last page of syllabus) and email to instructor@nurseed101.com
  • Pay course fees in full or 50% down payment before first day that cohort starts. Remainder 50% payment is due by end of week 4. (If remainder payment is not received before the start of week 5, applicant will not be able to attend clinical.)
  • Upon receipt of payment, applicant will receive an email with additional information which will include next steps to complete a Pre-Comprehensive Benchmark practice NCLEX exam. (Results are used to assist in meeting applicants specific remediation needs).
  • Applicants will receive an email with virtual meeting links and access to their personal Q-bank with over 16,000+ NCLEX style questions and resources
  • Applicants will also need to email requested clinical documents to instructor@nurseed101.com by completion of week 2 (See syllabus for complete list of clinical documents needed for the live clinical portion which begins weeks 6 & 8) Clinicals are typically 8-12 hours and are held on weekends. Clinical schedule will be provided  by instructor.



  • Didactic/Theory Portion: Applicants are required to pass all quizzes/exams/assignments as outlined in the syllabus with a cumulative score of a 75% and/or  a mastery Level 5 on all Pass point assignments.
  • Clinical Portion: Applicants are to expected to attend all assigned clinical trainings and submit  all assignments as outlined in the syllabus Pass/Fail


  • RN Remediation (Failed NCLEX three consecutive times) $2625.00 $2200.00
  • RN Remediation (Licensure Endorsement/ Refresher)  $2625.00 $2200.00