RN NCLEX Review 03/27/2023 – 05/03/2023 (Day)









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This 6-week NCLEX review course is designed to help you pass your NCLEX! This course features an in-depth review of the National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN) current NCLEX test plan for both RN & LPN candidates. This course reviews proven test taking strategies and covers the following content areas: Medical-Surgical, Pharmacology, Maternal-Newborn, Pediatrics & Psychiatric. Applicants will also complete multiple NCLEX style practice exams during the course of this 6-week review.

Course includes:

  • Access to live enthusiastic nurse educators who will review all 8-Client Need areas  outlined in the NCSBN-RN Test Plan (
  • Access to a Pre & Post RN NCLEX  Benchmark Exams
  • Access to 16,000+ NCLEX-style practice questions with in-depth rationales & remediation tools
  • Access to creative resources to help simplify core content subject areas.
  • Access to a dedicated team who will  support you through the entire course and beyond

*Clinicals are not a requirement for this course

Meets Online on Mondays & Wednesdays  (10am – 1pm)





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