RN NCLEX Review 04/25/24 – 06/27/24 (Evening)

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The RN NCLEX Review is a comprehensive study resource designed to prepare nursing students for success on the licensure exams. With a collection of high-quality NCLEX-style review questions aligned with the latest NCSBN test plan, this review course cultivates critical thinking skills, clinical judgment, and exam readiness. The course includes detailed rationales for both correct and incorrect answers, and it covers all the client need categories of the NCLEX exam. With updated content to address the Next Generation NCLEX, this review course is a valuable tool for nursing students seeking to excel in their licensure exam.




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This 10-week course is designed to help you pass your NCLEX! This course features an in-depth review of the National Council of State Board of Nursing (NCSBN) current NCLEX test plan for both RN candidates. This course reviews proven test taking strategies and covers the following content areas: Medical-Surgical, Pharmacology, Maternal-Newborn, Pediatrics & Psychiatric. Applicants will also complete multiple NCLEX style practice exams during the course of the 10-week review.

Course includes:

  • Access to live enthusiastic nurse educators who will review all 8-Client Need areas  outlined in the NCSBN-RN Test Plan (www.ncsbn.org)
  • Access to a Pre & Post RN NCLEX  Benchmark Exams
  • Access to 16,000+ NCLEX-style practice questions with in-depth rationales & remediation tools
  • Access to creative resources to help simplify core content subject areas.
  • Access to a dedicated team who will  support you through the entire course and beyond

*Clinicals are not a requirement for this course

Meets Online Tuesdays & Thursdays  (7:30pm – 10:00pm EST)





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